RPMS Version 8.5

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RPMS Version 8.5 has been released to beta test sites, and includes the following upgrades, fixes, and improvements.

  • The Report Preview interface has been modernized, and a Presentation Mode has been added.
  • The internal infrastructure of the edata map system has been modernized and made more streamlined, reducing the time and costs associated with custom order and matching invoice maps.
  • A new enhancement, called Cross-Reference Auto-Load, streamlines the process of adding cross references by utilizing recent pre-pass error log reports to pre-fill cross reference IDs. Using this enhancement, RPMS now types up missing cross-references for you, leaving assignment your only job.
  • The RPMS email system has been enhanced to allow the use of smtp servers that require TLS/SSL secure connections, like Office 365.
  • Windows 10 touchscreens report no issues with this update. Jump from RPMS 8.4.4x to RPMS 8.5.x for (so far) reliable compatibility.