RPMS Version 8.5 Generally Available

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RPMS Version 8.5 is now generally available, and has been added to the RPMSCloud for all cloud users. Desktop users may download the installation program from the Support tab above.

This update includes the following features:

  • The Report Preview interface has been modernized, and a Presentation Mode has been added.
  • The internal infrastructure of the edata map system has been modernized and made more streamlined, reducing the time and costs associated with custom order and matching invoice maps.
  • A new enhancement, called Cross-Reference Auto-Load, streamlines the process of adding cross references by utilizing recent pre-pass error log reports to pre-fill cross reference IDs. Using this enhancement, RPMS now types up missing cross-references for you, leaving assignment your only job.
  • The RPMS email system has been enhanced to allow the use of smtp servers that require TLS/SSL secure connections, like Office 365.
  • The RPMS Direct Marketing ‘Send Some’ option now includes an optional ‘rate governor’ to limit the flow of emails as required by users’ SMTP servers. For example, Office 365 limits emails to not more than 30 per minute, and the rate governor makes sure that RPMS Direct Marketing mass emails do not exceed this limit.
  • Windows 10 touchscreens report no issues with this update. Jump from RPMS 8.4.4x to RPMS 8.5.x for (so far) reliable compatibility.