RPMS and Repfabric

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Yesterday RPMS and Repfabric jointly announced a new partnership to bring the power of the Repfabric CRM to RPMS users everywhere. This partnership will also bring the strength, experience, and advanced data processing capabilities of RPMS to Repfabric users that need the best financial management software available for manufacturers’ reps.

To accomplish this, RPMS has now become a certified reseller, support, and training agent for Repfabric. As such, we can offer our customers the same levels of support and client-care to which they have become accustomed should they choose to migrate to Repfabric entirely. We believe that customers that upload (or wish to upload) commission statements directly, have a pressing need for CRM software, and that have four or more users in need of CRM are the prime candidates for this type of move.

We have also jointly agreed to develop a bridge for financial data from RPMS to Repfabric. Rep agencies that may look forward to this application have a need for CRM software, but also have more complex order tracking, heavy amounts of manual commission reconciliation, and/or Buy Sell or Inventory needs currently being met by RPMS. This bridge product is targeted to be released in the second half of 2019. Both companies anticipate that rep firms with these advanced financial needs could move from competitive systems to RPMS and Repfabric working together.

If you would like more information about Repfabric, please contact Brent Charles, RPMS & Repfabric Director of Sales and Marketing.