Repfabric Testimonials

“DSC Pacific has been on the look for the RIGHT CRM partner for several years. The problem is that most CRM companies out there have some of the right features but never all of the correct ones, let alone enough for a multi-line rep agency. Repfabric has become the backbone of our business since we signed up with them late in 2018. They have helped us to streamline our sales efforts and make ourselves a more professional organization. The Repfabric difference is that it is a proactive selling and organization tool instead of a reporting tool that is just good for management. The outside and inside teams both see value in what if offers and the mobile nature that makes it easy to work with. I would 100% recommend Repfabric to any rep organization looking to grow sales, become more professional, and attract more manufacturers.”
Jeff Davis
DSC Pacific, LLC

“We’ve belonged to NEMRA for 20 years. We implemented Repfabric last year replacing Act and a sales/commission only software we had used for over 15 years. I wanted one system that combined CRM and sales numbers. I was referred to Repfabric by a rep firm who used another package and am glad they told me to check it out. Repfabric addressed our needs so accurately, I felt like they’d been in my office for 5 years observing our procedures.”
Dave Mullaly CPMR
R. M. Clark Associates

“Our agency made the change from our existing CRM to RepFabric a little less than a year ago. Our main focus was to get something that had a more user-friendly mobile platform, quicker access to sales data, and something that had an all-inclusive cost. The conversion process was relatively painless and the customer support has been great. RepFabric has even already incorporated a couple of my suggestions into their platform. We have been impressed and look forward to continuing the push the envelope with RepFabric and my sales team.”
Steve Goldschmidt CPMR
GES Goldschmidt

“I’ve been searching for the right software solution to implement at Poklar for years. We have used SalesForce and then took a brief spin with Microsoft Dynamics. These “Big Box” programs seem to take on a life of their own with customizing and complexity, training and upkeep. Using them became a job, rather than helping us do our job.
Repfabric has simplicity of use while providing the power to give us the information we need. It checks all of the boxes:
• solid mobile app
• management of quotes & opportunities
• integration with Outlook email & calendar
• intuitive sales & commission processing”
Colleen Daddario
Poklar Power Motion Inc.

“Non-revenue data entry tasks are the bane of sales reps. However, professional selling requires that applicable and significant information be maintained to facilitate account management, reporting requirements and ultimately, the winning of orders. Repfabric satisfies all of these needs with a logical layout that only asks for pertinent and necessary data, which can be easily retrieved from your laptop or mobile device.
Bottom line: Repfabric saves us time and makes us money.”
Bill Taylor
Taylor Industrial Sales Co., Inc.

“Repfabric has been great! I love the opportunity and activity journals, most notably how simple it is to record an activity via the mobile app and then compile all related activities into an easy to print report. It keeps me in the loop and allows me to be proactive in reporting to our principals.”
Devin Ware
Ware Industrial

“When factory demands kept increasing for more and more “pipeline information”, I started reviewing CRM systems. Unfortunately, I found not only were they not rep-specific, the software support people argued with me about my business model. Not good. Fortunately, I met John Mitchell and it was immediately apparent…he was a rep and he gets it. John listens and I’ve seen many improvements to the system (especially the Activity Journal) since Summit has been using Repfabric.”
Peter Liston
Summit Agencies

“We are very excited to join RepFabric and see what it can do for our company. The most valuable asset a Manufacturer’s Representative has is market intelligence and RepFabric helps you capture, see and use that information in a way that drives growth.”
Michael Henderson
PM Associates

“RG Sales was looking for a system that could be used on mobile phones and easy to use by salespeople to track sales calls and have sales data by customer for our different manufacturers. Repfabric has many features and we found it to be perfect solution, because it was easy to implement, affordable, and easily expandable to grow with our business.”
Terry Foster
R & G Sales