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    Currently released version for all RPMS V8 desktop users:

    (please note – desktop users that wish to upgrade to this version must have a support subscription through October of 2018, and must already have RPMS Version 8.2 or higher installed.)

    Documentation about RPMS V8 Desktop in PDF Format

    Documentation about RPMSCloud

    RPMS Taxpayer Information

    2018 - 2019 Recent Development History

    RPMS Version 8.5.38 (8/13/2019) (RPMSCloud Beta Only)

    • Working test platform for Post & Pay and Pre Reconcile additions to EData

    RPMS Version 8.5.36 (8/10/2019) (On RPMSCloud)

    • Incorporated code base for Post & Pay and Pre Reconcile additions to EData (non-functional in GA)

    RPMS Version 8.5.33 (7/10/2019)

    • Fixed an EData upload status 91 error that impacted some users

    RPMS Version 8.5.32 (6/25/2019)

    • Applied a work-around for a Microsoft bug that caused periodic and random remote printer and drive disconnections.
    • Added Get Next Notification Number to order data entry for rep firms managing consigned inventory.

    RPMS Version 8.5.29 (2/10/2019)

    • Fixed a bug that prevented printing Inventory Purchase Orders to Vendors (8.5.21 and later only)

    RPMS Version 8.5.27 (1/31/2019)

    • Added Functionality Edata Maps to allow for ‘post-translation’ process, giving maps more versatility
    • Fixed a bug on the One Sales Rep, All Customers (assigned) snapshot 48 month drill-down details that caused an 04 error or displayed an incorrect customer

    RPMS Version 8.5.25 (12/21/2018)

    • Added Functionality to Global Product Price Manipulation for copying custom prices among customers

    RPMS Version 8.5.24 (12/7/2018)

    • Fixed commission reconciliation bug that required multiple payments when certain Sort/Print operations were performed before payment application

    RPMS Version 8.5.21 (10/19/2018)

    • Improved “Make Unique” option for IMap invoices
    • Added concatenated customer ID capability to IMap invoices to make use of Customer Main and Sub ID’s together in one source field
    • Added batch send of Invoice Emails for Buy/Sell feature from the Commission Reconciliation screen – send multiple invoices to multiple customers by tagging.

    RPMS Version 8.5.19 (10/05/2018, now generally available for all RPMS Desktop Installations)

    • Added New Comparison Value Matrix reports, limited to Formatted Excel destination only
    • Added “Customer Family” filters to Direct Marketing features, allowing for filters of Parents, Children, Family, and/or One Family

    RPMS Version 8.5.14 (09/05/2018)

    • Fixed bug that caused screen flashing and preview form display during between generation of Sales Rep Profile reports (only in 8.5.11).

    RPMS Version 8.5.12 (08/29/2018)

    • Fixed bug that caused multi-page reports to be paginated with two ‘Page 1’ pages. (only in 8.5.11)
    • Fixed bug that impacted translation of IMaps that had map names of four characters or less (only in 8.5.11)

    RPMS Version 8.5.11 (08/06/2018)

    • New report Preview interface, including Presentation mode
    • New EMail capability to TLS/SSL smtp services like Office 365
    • New ‘Send Some’ email speed governing in Direct Marketing blast emails, to prevent errors from users’ SMTP servers that impose per minute or per hour limits on email sending.
    • The infrastructure of the Edata mapping system has been modernized and made more streamlined, reducing the time and costs associated with programming custom order and matching invoice maps.
    • New ‘auto-load’ cross-referencing feature. RPMS interprets missing cross-references and loads them automatically to the EData ID prompts when adding cross references.
    • Compatibility reproven with Microsoft Windows 10 touchscreen. Corrects unstable behavior on some laptops, no registry work-arounds required.
    October 2015 to December 2017 - RepLink and the RPMSCloud API begin

    This time period focused on the development of our mobile app called RepLink, which is served by the RPMSCloud API. It also included some enhancements to the desktop and cloud versions.

    RPMS Version 8.4.84 (12/31/2017)

    • Work-around added for Microsoft Windows 10 touchscreen incompatibility. RPMS now compatible with Windows 10 touchscreen computers (still found to be a problem with this update on some touchscreen laptops.)
    • Improved and condensed download installation program
    • Improved user-resource checking for cloud version
    • Increased cloud memory and storage resources by 20%

    RPMSCloud API (10/2/2017)

    • Current (stable, various bug fixes and improvements) RPMSCloud API (Application Programming Interface) for mobile developers to access data on the RPMSCloud

    RepLink – mobile application for Android (10/15/2017)

    • Made RepLink for Android generally available on the Play store.

    RPMS Version 8.4.72 (12/19/2016)

    • Modified Administration Update to accept subscription dates for 12/31/2017 and beyond.
    • Added API Logging under security as an option for cloud system agencies to audit mobile users
    • Fixed bug in product history report to retrieve principal child records if requested
    • Fixed bug in buy/sell statements to limit single principal filter to S status principals only
    • Added Territory Name to Customer List
    • Added Country to Principal List
    • Added ‘Save Field Values’ option to modal assign invoice forms to improve data entry when shipping multiple orders globally
    • Fixed Snapshot Export (Single Sheet only) with Commissions not reporting on Sales & Commissions snapshots

    RepLink – mobile application for iOS (9/1/2016)

    • Made RepLink generally available on the App store.

    RPMSCloud API (10/17/2015)

    • Deployed first release of the RPMSCloud API (Application Programming Interface) for mobile developers to access data on the RPMSCloud


    April 2012 to December 2014 - RPMSCloud introduced

    This time period focused on the release of and improvements to the RPMSCloud, in addition to enhancements and fixes for the the desktop version.

    RPMS Version 8.4.45 (12/31/2014)

    • Updated to the correct version of the product upload program for EData Wizard (had an older version in 8.4.42)
    • Fixed a limitation on multi-value snapshot export that was imposed in 8.4.42

    RPMS Version 8.4.42 (10/06/2014)

    • Added in-line sorting to commission reconciliation and order maintenance. Click the column header of a fully filled on-line list to sort ascending/descending by that column
    • Added Analytical/Historical capability Matrix reports for a single sales rep
    • Added Cross Reference Export
    • Added the ‘Propagate’ enhancement in cross references to ease batch cross-referencing changes
    • Added Product Range Delete and Product Class Range Delete to Product Delete/Transfer
    • Added “AP Account” for QuickBooks Bills integration to be able to use something other than Accounts Payable
    • Added more robust edit-checking in QuickBooks integration feature
    • Improved edit-checking for IMap creation and management
    • Added a grouping option to the Send Some E-Mail function in Direct Marketing

    RPMS Version 8.3.56 (7/15/2013)

    • Added Local to Cloud File Transfer capability for EData and Direct Marketing on the RPMSCloud
    • Added Paid Sales + Paid Rep Commissions as a value option on the Summary Reports
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes: Fixed a drill-in error on 48 month snapshot detail for some values; Fixed new-order uploader error in EData that caused an odd booking value in transaction log

    RPMS Version 8.3.72 (8/21/2012)

    • General availability of RPMSCloud

    RPMS Version 8.3.33 (4/18/2012)

    • First release of alpha version of RPMSCloud


    May 2010 to April 2012 - RPMS Version 8 introduced

    This time period focused on the development, release, and improvement of RPMS Version 8, which featured an entirely new database system.

    RPMS Version 8.2.15 (04/06/12)

    • Miscellaneous bug fixes: Correction for overflow error on some Snapshot Details selections; Correction for some sales rep split scenarios. Correction for a single paid invoice not being filtered out in commission reconciliation for some principals. Correction for a partial year forecast not displaying the correct amounts in the ‘actual’ columns of the foreground forms when initially created

    RPMS Version 8.1.0 (11/16/11)

    • Snapshot Details – double click a month value to see all the stored details that created that value.
    • Child inheritance – add a customer as a child of another customer, and the system will ask if you want to synchronize with the product special prices and special commission rates of the parent
    • Parent to Child cross-reference propagation – Add new cross references to a parent, then automatically distribute those to child records

    RPMS Version 8.0.4 (5/31/10)

    • All new Pervasive.SQL (V10 Summit) file and record handling database included free of charge. Full client/server processing for multi-user installations. V8 systems converted to subscription licensing, with grandfathered price recovery for existing EMA customers
    • Automatic Conversion of 7.9.15 or later data to RPMS Version 8 data
    • Fixed a bug that caused inactive principals to be displayed on product summary report, and fixed a bug that caused a 3167 error during snapshot printing if quotation characters were in the entity name.


    November 2003 to February 2010 - RPMS Version 7 expanded and enhanced

    This time period focused on convenience and capability enhancements and improvements to RPMS Version 7.

    RPMS Version 7.9.15 (2/22/10)

    • Improved snapshot printing – PDF or directly to printer, the snapshots now print as more readable reports
    • NEW Added product and Point of Sale capability to the IMap system..
    • Fixed a bug that caused line notes not to print on invoices or packing slips; fixed an issue caused by editing the principal on short-form invoice transaction adjustment that left the previous principal nominally associated with the order; Fixed a bug on the Backlog by Order Date reports, sorts 5 and 6 only, that left notes off the report even if requested.

    RPMS Version 7.9.13 (11/30/09)

    • NEW Added the Imap management system to the E-Data feature, allowing for the creation and management of user-definded summary invoice maps..
    • Fixed an inaccurate order total $ amount (display problem only) apparent after editing a partial shipment order while filtering for open line items only, then subsequently editing another order within that same customer or principal; Re-worked the sales rep commission statements to exclude freight and tax as portions of the ‘invoice paid’ amounts.

    RPMS Version 7.9.10 (09/29/09)

    • Added the New and Missing Customers Report to the RPMS Reports Engine. Quickly determine customers that have stopped buying, or find brand new customers, or customers that have started buying again after a lengthy absence.
    • Added data entry lookup for customers by a user-definable code, speeding data entry
    • Added the packing slip as a new form type for alias forms
    • Added a notes option to the Commission Aging Report
    • Created an additional new reorganization method for Pervasive Client Server installations
    • Restore function will now restore archive files to otherwise empty data sets, if present; Changing a quote to an order correctly changes the default header status to O (order); Invoice number change function dialog box automatically now converts typed letters to upper case as required; Corrected a problem with form minimization of the commission reconciliation form when RPMS was closed and then re-opened; Fixed the cursor position start point in the invoice field of the split tab (8) in maintain and ship transactions; fixed some idiosyncrasies in lookups involving precedent D status entitites (i.e. unable to select certain vendors or territories); fixed an rpytdsa posting problem for splits of commissions only or sales only between multiple sales reps, and included an automatic recovery patch within the RPMS program; fixed a problem with the commission statements in the sales rep profile report setup

    RPMS Version 7.8.19 (11/19/08)

    • Added batch Sales Rep Re-assign to the Administration system. Now you can change large groups of customers from one sales rep to another by sales rep, territory, city, state, and/or zip code range, in one operation.
    • Added sort and search by Order Number to Commission Reconciliation.
    • Added the ability to easily change an invoice number in Commission Reconciliation.
    • Improved 135 report sequences now carry better re-stated heading information to following pages, whenever a sub-heading is broken by page.
    • Improved the Commission Aging Reports by adding the ability to print invoice notes.
    • Added an Inventory Count Sheets report for Inventory users to take physical inventory.
    • Improved: Added the entity name to the snapshot detail form for secondary and tertiary lines in the multiple-values snapshots.
    • Improved: Last used snapshot screen settings – font change, column sizes, left, top, & width – are now saved.
    • Fixed the memorize button on forecasting reports. Fixed a “Category not on file” problem with the reorder quantity report when one class code is select. Added an edit check for invalid batch range problems on Orders by Order Date reports. Fixed a problem with inventory batch reports not showing shipments in some cases. Fixed a security issue for passwords limited to one sales rep on the Matrix reports. Fixed a freight and tax problem on agency and sales rep commission statements for Accounts Receivable principals. Fixed a fiscal year labeling problem on some summary reports. Changed the installation program to avoid a spurious MSXML.dll registration notification on some Vista machines.

    RPMS Version 7.8.11 (7/15/08)

    • Added Sales Rep Profile reports – program a suite of RPMS reports to generate as a single PDF, and be automatically E-Mailed to sales reps as a PDF.
    • Forms that size and stick – Most forms in the main engine now stay where you put them, and the size that you left them last.
    • An all-new serial number tracking ability for Inventory systems – keep track of individual product serial numbers on hand, or allocated, or shipped
    • A ‘percent of difference’ field for the accumulated lines in the combination snapshots.
    • Display of On Hand and On Order in principal’s product list for stocked Inventory items.
    • Added a New Class Code List Report
    • Added Opportunity Type to the Opportunity Report
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed error on maximization of snapshots; Corrected invoice printing of principal’s account number instead of principal’s PO number; Fixed a totaling problem on the forecast detail maintenance form; Fixed a problem with the contacts tab under customer list, that allowed premature selection of non-existent data; Added on-hand and on-order values to the product list for stocked products; Fixed forecast history report sorts 3 & 4 not displaying correctly if run for partial year; Corrected confidence percentage in Opportunity Report.

    RPMS Version 7.7.7 (12/7/07)

    • New RPMS is Made for QuickBooks®.  Automatically post commission checks to QuickBooks deposits, and Inventory receipts to QuickBooks bills as payables.
    • New Matrix (Cross Tab) history reports – like Excel pivot tables, but without all the work. Simply declare the entities you want across the top and down the side and the values to put at the intersection.
    • New agency-definable phone number masks – you key the phone number, RPMS formats it the way you want.
    • Improved the modeling process for Purchase Orders – contacts can go across as they are, or be reloaded from defaults.
    • Improved the broadcast E-Mail sending ability in Direct Marketing, to work with more SMTP servers.
    • Created a brand new Install program for RPMS – simpler, stronger, and 100% compatible with Windows Vista.
    • Added Comodo® digital certificates to RPMS executable programs, for surety and compliance.
    • Contact list now displays the last call and next call fields in the list.
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Accounts Receivable: changed commission type to default to “$”; Fixed inaccurrate cost figuring for quantities over 1000. Direct Marketing: Fixed broadcast E-Mail problem when attaching multiple files. Inventory: Fixed non-figuring of new extensions or unit prices after changes to unit prices, extensions or quantities. Lists: Now prevent users from deleting communication codes “Web” & “E-Mail” since they are used by RPMS. Pro System: Fixed problem with “Sold To” company name not migrating to invoice header “Sold To” company name on some shipped orders. Reports: Fixed inactive principals showing up for One Principal filters used in POS reports. Commission Reconciliation: Fixed a periodic 04 error on sales rep when deleting second sales rep from the payment split tab. Miscellaneous: Fixed a potential Restore/Backup sync problem when Archive files are not backed up, but an attempt is made to restore them. Reptivity: Fixed various Opportunity and Activity code lookup windows.

    RPMS Version 7.6.1 (7/31/07)

    • New in-column sorting of snapshots.
    • New Line Notes for line items, to augment order notes and product notes
    • System start-up option enhancements, including non-full screen, white or gray background, and customizable background logo
    • Improved printing of order forms
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: POS Summary & History reports did not display principal name when run for One principal; Fixed a runtime error for a single customer range forecast report; Adding line items to previously shipped buy/sell invoices did not increment tax and freight correctly; Handle deleted sales reps better now on register report; added Salutation field to Direct Marketing mail merge; Improved Summary Only Order by Order Date report; Clarified aging report for multiple partial payments; Corrected a total value display problem with deleting added line items to an already existing order, when navigating through Maintain & Ship;

    RPMS Version 7.5.32 (12/11/06)

    • A new print destination for printed orders, quotes, samples and invoices – Send E-Mail PDF.
    • New list Report – System Codes List
    • New Reptivity Report – Activity Summary
    • In-column sorting of Saved Report previews
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed a communications code-adding 401 error, when working with highest numbered customers or principals; No longer prevent A/R users from over-riding profits on shipments (Inventory feature only); Fixed closed order report not finding the first closed order in the date range; Fixed an EMA coverage data limitation; Fixed a messagebox problem (.30 only) when adding line items to an existing order; Fixed a purchase order modeling problem (.30 & .31 only)

    RPMS Version 7.5.13 (7/19/06)

    • Significantly enhanced the report preview system, that features new toolbar controls, optionally previewing thumbnails of report pages in the sidebar, and page-range printing.
    • Improved the PO and Invoice printing of forms by moving totals to the bottom; and increasing the available size for rep-firm logos (system will auto-center smaller logos in the logo area – no stretching or scaling.)
    • Added Broadcast E-Mail ability to the Direct Marketing feature – use all the power of the Direct Marketing feature to do targeted text or HTML E-mail.
    • Added a Custom Report System
    • Finished the fully integrated Inventory feature, for stocking reps (buy/sell and consignment)
    • Finished the Reptivity feature for all EMA subscribing users – no acquisition fee required to use!  Track and report all your opportunities and activities inside RPMS.
    • Added warnings for new transactions being entered for Inactive customers or Inactive products
    • Delete and Transfer of Customers in the Administration System now will automatically re-number duplicate orders, if desired
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Save special price fixed for long-form price pop-up window; Fixed long form add header locks to land in correct field after starting a new transaction; Fixed a runtime error for some databases that occurred when clicking the all contact lists twice in a row; Fixed Late Order Report  for orders with for multiple schedule dates to display Late if any of the items are late, and to display only those line items; Snapshot form now gives warning message if setup fields are not filled in; Fixed the Excel export of snapshots with sub-accounts that were inaccurately adding subtotals when formulas were also exported

    RPMS Version 7.2.13 (11/06/05)

    • Added database handling and support for Pervasive.SQL V8.5 & V9
    • Added Product Global Update Button – change standard or special pricing across all or a range of part numbers for a principal, by percentages or fixed amounts, based on the existing price level to be changed or any other price
    • Added Spell Checker for notes, including user setting to check while typing
    • Added split calculator, SplitCal.exe, to help users figure out default split percentages
    • Added IP Address + MAC Address for user distinction, to facilitate running multiple users on Terminal Server
    • Added a standard menu bar to revert to if menu bars are corrupted or users change computers
    • Improved the Printer Setup Dialog – now sets only for the RPMS session, instead of Windows default
    • Improved the customer delete-transfer “duplicate invoice” message to display the principal’s name
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Audit search erroneously picking up orders that were shipped, re-opened, canceled then deleted; Stopped the File Audit Fix from adding bad master keys as a result of corrupted data; Fixed the export to Excel date formats on product impact snapshot, snapshot detail and merchandising exports; Fixed slider tab in long form to correctly obscure locked fields; Fixed Cash Flow Forecast report to always use lag days if present; Fixed an error that occurred when printing a single-line order after having exported the order to Excel;   Forecasting Fixed headings of some Forecast Summary reports that displayed “Forecast” for actual values;

    RPMS Version 7.1.16 (03/10/05)

    • NEW Added principal’s account numbers for customers, if listed, to both the regular and large font versions of the printed order form
    • NEW Improved Expedite reports to print either customer or principal PO numbers
    • NEW Introduced ‘Tab delimited’ text file handling for the E-Data Wizard uploaders
    • Improved E-Data Wizard uploaders to handle product case-pack settings when products are added on order and invoice upload
    • Increased the ability to upload all varieties of data that can be added to orders and invoices for the E-Data Wizard
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed installation program that caused a 91 error on the line item detail form; Fixed invalid split rates being added to new salesreps when data set was empty;  Fixed large notes printing problem on printed order form; Fixed an ’05’ error that occurred for the second product set up for a cross-referenced principal

    RPMS Version 7.1.15 (12/01/04)

    • Added two new uploader types (order and invoice) to the E-Data Wizard to use RPMS keys instead of foreign keys
    • Added Remote Order file creation ability for laptop-carrying field sales reps
    • Miscellaneous Fixes:  Fixed RKConvert program EDI cross-referencing;  Fixed MAC address key aquisition for multi-user systems that were returning all zeros; Fixed an installation program error that was causing Run Time 91 errors on some machines; Fixed a Run Time error 9 that happened on very large product lists

    RPMS Version 7.1.14 (11/01/04)

    • Added ‘special prices’ and ‘text remarks’ options to product detail print
    • Added Primary entity’s name to snapshot print
    • Added warning message and auto-change ability during transaction entry if Prospect status customer used
    • Improved data entry forms when changing products to ‘blank out’ previous product description
    • Improved Print on ‘all items’ print of line item maintenance form to include Name & PO Number
    • Add on the fly invoice items now add schedule date to be the same as invoice date for expedite report purposes
    • Accounts Receivable availability
    • Miscellaneous Fixes:  Changed Snapshots to show Delete and Inactive entities summarized on appropriate levels; Updated DDF files for custom report generation

    RPMS Version 7.1.13 (8/21/04)

    • Added Special Outbound FTP capability for sending electronic orders to third-party EDI companies
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: The One POS filter has been fixed on the POS History and Summary reports; If a Principal Parent/Child relationship is set up on an order, the product notes for the child principals’ products will now print; The ‘Field Must Be a Valid Number’ dialog was fixed for partial shipments of single quantities; Fixed “Line number must be numeric” dialog that popped erroneously when starting in the Line Number field on Long form and pressing ALT E to go the next transaction; Prevented changing the order date of a canceled line item from moving totals in and out of history;

    RPMS Version 7.1.12 (4/22/04)

    • Improved Reports engine to now print and immediately displays in PDF when PDF destinations are selected
    • Added the ability to print error and audit reports to other destinations in E-Data
    • Added schedule and request dates to prepass audit reports in E-Data
    • Improved Forecasting to be completely ‘analytical’ for Sales Reps.
    • Miscellaneous Fixes:  Fixed delete of category class codes where none were previously assigned; Audit detail fixed to disregard previously shipped and now open line items; Fixed deceptive default split display for customers with single split defaults; Fixed Adjustments of previously paid commissions not carrying invoice numbers through batch reports; Fixed invoice form print label where “Order Date” was printing instead of “Invoice Date”; Fixed a problem with the Sales Rep’s Commission Statement average commission rate when run for one principal; Fixed display of list problems in both Forecasting and Merchandising;  Fixed invoice uploader blanking out default schedule and cancel dates on order headers; Fixed contact extract problem in Direct Marketing where delete status customer’s contacts were still extracted if BuySell was selected; Fixed Change button’s inability to reduce the amount of the forecast in some circumstances; Fixed Forecasting History Reports not printing principal names on recap pages and blank Percent of Total values that occurred in some cases.

    RPMS Version 7.1.11 (2/17/04)

    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Changed Audit program to ignore invoice numbers without shipment information on line items; Fixed an average commission rate ‘carry over’ problem in some view of sales rep commission statements; Changed the way sales reps are added to forecasts for sort sequences 1& 5.

    RPMS Version 7.1.10 (1/21/04)

    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Adjusting entries fixed to update the correct sales rep in split situations; Fixed commission statements pulling all territories when requesting only one territory, and a similar issue when a commission statement was run for one sales rep that was the second sales rep listed on a split; Changed inconsistent labeling for Split Gross, Split Commission and Split Both between default split setup forms and transaction split setup forms; Fixed a Run-Time Error 5 that occurred when a Duplicate Invoice for PO Warning Level was set to Abrupt, and an attempt was made to adjust an invoice with only one line item through Commission Reconciliation; Fixed the All Customer snapshot that would ‘hang’ in some situations;  Fixed the All Customer Snapshot not displaying some customers due to Inactive and Delete status sales reps; Fixed theE-Data Invoice matching uploader pre-pass showing “No matches” incorrectly;  Fixed Forecasting Actuals not showing up accurately under forecasted sales reps when their customers had recently been re-assigned to them; Fixed forecast reports that were blanking out principal names in sort sequences 4 and 5.

    7.1.9 (1/7/04)

    • Added Exporting capability to Forecasting Feature
    • Added Refresh capability to Forecasting Feature (capture previously non-forecasted new customers with transactions)
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed select unit price entry over extension in short form setup.  Fixed tab stop ordering in long form data entry (tab to move) to land on Add instead of New Transaction after entering a schedule date.  Fixed run time error when deleting last line item of a transaction from ship/maintain forms in Pro Systems

    RPMS Version 7.1.8 (12/15/03)

    • Fixed line item adding run time errors for data converted without next line number information

    RPMS Version 7.1.7 (11/30/03)

    • Added Stretchy Lists – horizontally re-sizing forms causes lists to be wider, so you can see more data
    • Added Contact list – list all contacts on one screen regardless of customer, principal or POS.
    • Added Commission Reconciliation NET Adjustments – 100% faster adjusting.
    • Added checkboxes to select different values on the Batch Verify report.
    • Added duplicate invoice “Abrupt” warning level, and option to set.
    • Added Commission reporting option to Order Expedite report for Pro Systems
    • Forecasting General Availability.
    • Added Merchandising Feature
    • Improved Summary Report Recaps will now sort for a Principal’s family.
    • Improved the way Delete status and Inactive Status entities are handled on reports… much cleaner!
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed conversion program to cross-reference POS records correctly; Fixed Supervisor Login Security hole; Fixed Snapshots for 01/00 – 12/00 date ranging error; Fixed matching problems with invoice dates for E-Data uploader.


    November 2000 to October 2003 - RPMS Version 7 introduced

    This time period focused on the release of RPMS Version 7, a complete rewrite of all previous versions of RPMS. Individual features were released as they were finished, from November of 2000 through October of 2003.

    RPMS Version 7.0.96 (10/15/2003)

    • Added Forecasting module (beta only)
    • Added Run Date to customer master list
    • Improved lock behavior for standard discount rates & long-form data entry
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed saving last values used for snapshots if Paid or Paid Rep selected; Fixed Comm Rec Adjustment Change Comm. Type to % not recalculating the commission amount & $ not recalculating the commission rate; Fixed case sensitivity problem on batch reports; Fixed File Audit Search& Fix for Canceled Orders; Fixed reorganization problem with the RPFRCST file; Fixed the All Principals Snapshot Sorting Alpha with Sub Accounts not subtotaling correctly; Fixed Salesrep multi split exception position 2 standard split calculating for position 5; Fixed error 10 when changing exception rates on multiple sales reps; Fixed 13 error on reports engine for ema-dates out of range; Fixed contact notes editing when dealing with accounts that have the same number of contacts; Fixed short form data entry grabbing wrong commission type after reading through product with a custom rate; Fixed snapshot detail refresh, when changing line items without closing detail; Corrected product summary report headings; Fixed 03 error on rpmisc file after restore for multi-user systems; Changed Inactive& Delete Sorting method for reports to correspond to documentation;  Fixed PO Model not printing on batch reports; Fixed global shipment incorrectly changing status of canceled lines to “S”; Fixed adjustments in Maintain Transactions collecting under original order’s batch number; Fixed contacts for transactions when picking between multiple contacts with the same last name; Fixed Summary Reports looking for wrong CSV file in Direct Marketing; E Data changed to better handle quotes and commas embedded in excel files

    RPMS Version 7.0.95 (9/15/2003)

    • Added line item detail paging in transaction maintenance
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed Snapshot Detail Average Rate computation for multiple month spread; Corrected year-end values for some summary reports; Fixed RPLogout utility and BOSSplitFixer utility for new data file (7.0.92 & later versions); Fixed numeric overflows for adding line items to existing transactions with quantities of zero; Fixed E Data Excel translate filename error; Fixed intermittent incorrect commission type selection associated with product special prices; Fixed a bug with the category code lookups that did not allow for lookups of lower cased class codes;  Fixed snapshot for Parent/Child principal sorting listing parent twice.

    RPMS Version 7.0.94 (7/12/2003)

    • Improved installation and update programs to verify data file location and reset registry
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed numeric overflows for maintaining transactions with line item quantities of zero; Fixed Direct Marketing extract for security;  Fixed utility program BODReset for upgrades from 7.0.89 and previous versions.

    RPMS Version 7.0.93 (6/25/2003)

    • Fixed intermittent multi-user version restore error (Occurred in 7.0.92 only)

    RPMS Version 7.0.92  (4/17/2003)

    • Added checking for large display fonts at product launch
    • Changed Conversion program to enable E Data for V6 EDI feature
    • Set “A” database code for 7.0.92 and later conversion programs
    • Added All Delete & Transfer options to Administration System
    • Changed backup and restore procedures to accommodate archived files
    • Changed login procedure to accommodate both Evaluation codes and EMA codes
    • Added sort sequence and filter options to line item maintenance display list
    • Added values of Orders Commissions & Sales Commissions to summary reports
    • Added Account Number to customer list
    • Added edit check to delete of E-Mail and Web communication codes
    • Reintroduced saving contact column arrangement in customer list
    • Added Audit Detail (referential integrity checking) and correction programs to Administration System
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Corrected cash flow forecast to print negative values; Modified method of calculating maximum print height for list view printouts to correct ‘line dropping; Corrected print of all (selected and unselected) in commission reconciliation;  Fixed PDF file cancellation that lead to data error on subsequent report;  Changed transaction short-form edit checking to prevent quantity of zero; Fixed “ symbol printing on printed orders; Fixed carriage-return printing on note fields in Reports Engine

    RPMS Version 7.0.91  (2/15/2003)

    • NEW Archive and UnArchive added to Administration System (Beta Version)
    • E Data Upload changed to allow product exception reports for invoice uploads
    • Report and Print routines modified to allow custom order forms and for custom reports in Enterprise system
    • Long form transaction commission type lock fixed (was shifting to “A”)
    • Order, quote, sample printing has notes, product notes options, plus now displays cancel date
    • Added PURGE function
    • Added POS-style uploader to EData feature
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Administration Update feature fixed to enable EDI;Cash Flow Forecast Report Recap offset fixed and negative amounts now reported;Fixed Excel Export from Direct Marketing; Fixed Principal List for Direct Marketing.

    RPMS Version 7.0.90 (12/1/2002)

    • Improved ALT-S Search to highlight entire field in commission reconciliation
    • Sales Rep Commission Statement modified to suppress sales reps split to 0% if requested
    • Commission Payments on Hold status and zero balances change status to Paid automatically
    • Added E Data Upload Wizard
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Conversion program fixed to handle same PO number to different principals from V6; File Audit in Administration System; Added entity names to snapshot printouts; Changed snapshot export to generic CSV to strip out embedded commas; Fixed auto-email and dial buttons on contact forms (customer, principal and POS); Fixed one customer range for Product History reports; Fixed ‘30’ errors on report files after previous report cancellation; Long form data entry fixed for non-tabbing through commission rate field; Analytical version of Customer summary with child records combined fixed to include all children; Data entry programs changed to calculate unit price based on extension; Cash flow report principal name fixed in recap area, fixed for Summary Only & Detail Only options.Redesign button disabled outside Enterprise version; One principal filter fixed; Contact category filtering fixed; Principal Direct Marketing list fixed to print correct list.

    RPMS Version 7.0.89 (11/1/2002)

    • Added EDI Cross Reference
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed Commission Aging Report for printing PO’s; Batch Verify report added ALL values switch; POS Detail report fixed; Orders by Order Date page break sequencing fixed; Direct marketing tabs disabled when no customer has been extracted; Product description size fixed to 30 characters in various data entry and maintenance forms.

    RPMS Version 7.0.88 (9/1/2002)

    • Added Read Next function to RPMS lookup fields (except Principal Family) activated by F5 key
    • Added Print Notes option to various master Detail prints
    • Added vertical scroll bars to all Notes forms
    • Added Contact Direct Marketing
    • Added Contact Replicate for customers, principals and points of sale
    • Improved long form add transactions to validate commission rate or amount in the absence of one or the other
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed product Change after product number click; Fixed tab stop order if order date locked for new long transaction;  Fixed Cash Flow Forecast report to display customers if requested;  Fixed 04 error from second save of the same split in commission reconciliation.

    RPMS Version 7.0.87 (7/1/2002)

    • Improved payment method of partially paid credits in commission reconciliation (previously required two steps)
    • Added Direct Marketing Category Code Summary
    • Added review and maintain contact categories
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed order printing directly to printer (.86 only); Fixed date output on Summary Only versions of Agency & Sales Rep Commission Statements; Fixed invoice date filter for commission rec; Corrected shipping over multiple vertical tabs from Maintain Transactions by Customer.

    RPMS Version 7.0.86 (5/1/2002)

    • Added automatic internet checking for RPMS updates
    • Added POS name print option on agency and sales rep commission statements
    • Added Customer & Principal Direct Marketing (beta)
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Changed adjustment for commission reconciliation to retrieve child principal record instead of parent;  Changed commission aging report to display details of negative commissions; Fixed PDF output to disregard version; Fixed contact lookup on long form add for phone numbers and zip codes; Fixed line item total accumulator in Add Transactions Long Form title

    RPMS Version 7.0.85 (1/15/2002)

    • Added PDF Files as destination for reports (2002 EMA only)
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed order printing; Fixed line item display for extra item in Commission Reconciliation Adjustment.

    RPMS Version 7.0.84 (12/1/2001)

    • Added Alias form printing for customizable order forms.
    • Added Security Module
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Changed backup form to close reports engine, close open forms, & get rid of ‘status 11’ on RPSEC;  Modified initialization of report setup screens to reduce disk access and memory load;  History report one customer / one principal filter options fixed

    RPMS Version 7.0.83 (9/1/2001)

    • Long form entry now accounts for product commission rates & product-customer commission rates
    • Added Cash Flow report
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Short form fixed to shift rates for changing product or product/customer commission relationships during the same entry (previously left old rates in pull-down); Correction to POS add (sometimes caused duplicates error – requires reorganization of file RPDIST); Fixed UnDelete option for entities other than customers (previously did not bring deleted entities to list); Changed Reports Engine cancellation routine to eliminate some Windows 98 OS ‘hang’ problems exiting RPMS

    RPMS Version 7.0.82 (7/1/2001)

    • Added Contact lookup for long form add transactions
    • Print & Export added for Product Impact Snapshot
    • Undelete utility added to Admin system
    • Snapshot prints now titled to show the type of values being printed
    • POS of transaction now displayed on detail tab of Commission Reconciliation and Maintain / Ship Transactions
    • Fixed inaccurate Sold To & Ship To names in Commission Reconciliation list (from 7.0.79 – 81);  List prints have been fixed to prevent line wrapping, align right-justified columns, and present a more accurate representation of column re-arrangement;  Batch verify report fixed to include invoices created from partial shipments;  Periodic absence of line items not visible in Commission Reconciliation Adjustment fixed;  Order reports (Expedite, order date, late order) broken in 7.0.80 now working;  Timing of unload operations changed for non-email systems.

    RPMS Version 7.0.81 (5/1/2001)

    • Improved safety of restore process.
    • Added Product Impact Snapshot
    • Backup to floppy now wipes previous files from floppy.
    • Added class code review and maintenance at customer level for Direct Marketing feature
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Fixed History reports for month re-arrangement. Eliminated Add Product on-the-fly prompt for blank products.  Several edit fixes for ‘numeric overflow’ run-time errors.   Fixed run time error for lookup of products for principal with no products. Fixed commission reconciliation problem with partial payments under 10 cents.  Principal alpha snapshots with sub accounts fixed.  Split allocations under 1% fixed in Long form split entry. Changing the short name of customers that are identified as child accounts has been fixed (previously recaptured parent name.)

    RPMS Version 7.0.80 (4/1/2001)

    • Added Product Tracking History and Summary reports
    • Added Product add-on-the-fly to long form data entry.
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Batch verify subtotal accumulation fix. Sales rep commission statement standard split rate problem (in 7.0.79 only); Sales summary by customer sorts 6& 7 for multiple values would not run – now fixed; Product description sorting fixed in product list; Quantities and unit prices 0 caused a type mismatch on add to existing order; Fixed Unit Price pop up window for long form entry not popping up;  Fixed lookups for look beyond last record not returning previous data.

    RPMS Version 7.0.79 (3/1/2001)

    • Added principal navigation for transaction maintenance.
    • Added EMA code requirement for new products.
    • Added change order, quote, sample printing from transaction add and maintenance forms.
    • Added ‘Enable Report Debugging’ to user settings.
    • Added Reorganize files to Administration system.
    • Added customer delete/transfer to Administration system.
    • Miscellaneous Fixes: Cleaned up password administration (potential 04 status.); Cleaned up display of modal forms for reduced size RPMS windows;  Fixed territory delete;  Prevent delete status customers from being added to transactions;   Fixed intermittent 6 status on schedule and request date fields in line item maintenance.

    RPMS Version 7.0 (12/1/2000)

    • RPMS Version 7 Released. Complete rewrite of all previous RPMS versions.


    1985 to 2004 - History of RPMS Versions 1 through 6
    • RPMS Version 6, was a 32 bit Windows 95 program, developed from 1994 through 1996. It was supported and updated from 1996 to 2004.  This version made use of Btrieve 6.15 32 bit for Windows as its file and record handler, which was compatible with the popular DOS version of RPMS (Version 5). Many rep firms ran both systems simultaneously.
    • RPMS Version 5 was a DOS version that gave character-based screens a cleaner interface, better menus, a list-oriented approach, and a ‘windows-like’ interface. Data entry operators appreciated its blazing speed and ease of learning.  RPMS Version 5 was supported from 1991 through 2004. During the lifetime of Version 5, Btrieve 5 for DOS was the database system. Written in 1991, RPMS Version 5 was the longest supported version in our history, supported world-wide through 2004. In that time frame Version 5 was updated numerous times, including the famous ‘Y2K’ bug fix.
    • RPMS Version 4 was a DOS version that had the same user interface as previous versions, but deployed a smaller memory footprint thanks to a ‘one-file-handler’ system. Version 4 was created and released in 1989, and supported through 1991. It used Btrieve Version 5.12 for its database.
    • RPMS Version 3 was a DOS version that replaced the COBOL Isam files system with Btrieve – a fast file and record handling system developed by SoftCraft that used a B-tree node structure for record navigation. The adoption of Btrieve gave RPMS the important ability to support record locking, and therefore multi-user capability, just as local area networks were being adopted by rep firms. RPMS Version 3 was used by rep firms in 1988 and 1989.
    • RPMS Version 2 added several important features to the product, including support for multiple line items using the Order, Quote, and Sample Tracking feature. Direct Marketing and Sales Forecasting were also features that were developed during this version. RPMS V2 was sold and supported from 1986 through 1987.
    • RPMS Version 1 was a  DOS-based system that used COBOL ISAM data files. The system allowed rep firms to enter invoices, reconcile commissions, and run reports. Operating in just 512KB of memory, the very first RPMS installation occurred in Overland Park, Kansas in September of 1985.