Your Data has Been Relocated to the new Server

Your RPMSCloud data has been moved to

To run on the new RPMSCloud2, you will need to install a new RDP (Windows clients); or reset your remote machine navigation to (Mac and Chromebooks.)

Download and Install the new RPMSCloud2 RDP file (Windows machines): 

  1. Click this link to download a zip file of the RDP installation program:
  2. When the file has downloaded, open the file location, then right click the file to extract the contents.
  3. Double-click the MSI file that was extracted to launch RDP installation. It will create a shortcut on your desktop that looks like the picture below. Simply double-click it to connect to your data on the new RPMSCloud2 server.
  4. The first time you attempt to connect to the RPMSCloud2 server, you will be asked again for your network username and network password. Those are listed on your original Your RPMSCloud System is Ready email, and again at the bottom of this email. Your internal RPMS password has not changed.
  5. More detailed instructions are here:

Getting to RPMSCloud2 from Mac or Chromebook

  1. In most cases, you will set up a new ‘computer’ on the Microsoft Remote Desktop application that is appropriate for your operating system. The address of the new computer is
  2. For Apple computers, further documentation about getting and using the Mac version of Microsoft Remote Desktop is here:
  3. For Chromebooks, use the google play store to search for Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Restoring your Screen and Report Settings from the previous RPMSCloud

Once you’ve logged back in to the new RPMSCloud2 – your old destination is disabled, so if you get in without error or warning, you are in the right place – then you may want to restore your previous screen and report settings. If you saved them prior to the move per our previous instructions, simply navigate again to File -> Preferences, and then click the third tab, Other Preferences & Utilities, and then click the Restore button circled below:

Welcome to RPMSCloud2!

As a reminder, your username and network password:

(visible only in your actual email)


  • Double-check the username and network password above. Sometimes your computer will try to guess your username based on usernames you’ve used in the past.
  • If you still have questions or trouble connecting, please contact, or call 1 800 776-7435 and press 1 to leave a message for a return call.